Andrea McGuinness Maldon



Andrea's classes will push you to your edge with creative sequences and encourage you to find a place of personal integrity for what serves you in your practice

Andrea is a passionate and enthusiastic yoga teacher, focused on creating the most conducive yoga environment for students. She has taught Secondary English over the past 9 years. In addition to her love of teaching, she is very passionate about physical health and fitness. She has been a marathon runner for five years; two years ago she broke her leg while training for a marathon. As physical therapy she began yoga and fell in love with the practice instantly. Yoga allowed her to reconnect with her past involvement with dance, cheer, and gymnastics. Not only did she feel stronger physically, but she also experienced a change mentally and emotionally. Since yoga has been in her life she has had many positive changes and experiences. Her mission as a yoga teacher is to share her passion with others in the hopes to help people discover their strength and true Self.

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