Bonnie Argo

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Bonnie's classes invite you to embrace grace in movement through creative sequencing specifically designed to show you new depths and limitless possibilities in your body

Bonnie Argo is an internationally acclaimed teacher guiding transformation and healing through the sacred blend of deep physical practice and mystical, spiritual teachings. Bonnie teaches a strong, dynamic, heart focused practice with creative flows that will caress you to your edge and show you grace in your practice. She is respected for her unique contribution through specialised sequencing rooted in a deep knowledge of anatomy, in depth alignment combined with the philosophical and spiritual teachings of yoga. She is known for her ability to create a space for students of any level to work at their personal edge in their practice, and discover the truth of how to allow yoga to support them.

Bonnie Argo is the co-founder of SOULution Yoga and a Senior Yoga Teacher with 15 years teaching experience. Having led Teacher Trainings and programs globally for over a decade she has a reputation for facilitating trainings that produce well educated and powerful teachers. She empowers others with fierce love, tender care and intentional direction that transforms self-limiting beliefs and deepens self-worth. She is renowned for new thought paradigms that make it possible for anyone, at any age, to be received as a teacher, healer, leader and most importantly as the essence of themselves.

Bonnie has been a pioneer for the practice of AcroYoga in both the student and teacher community globally. Bonnie takes pride and passion in training yoga teachers at the 200 and 500 hour level, as well as training AcroYoga Teachers.