Diana Haddow



Diana's classes incorporate a strong, dynamic, alignment based practice combined with a unique perspective and delivery of concepts that have the potential to transform paradigms and understanding of how to incorporate yoga into your life.

Diana is a level 5 certified instructor with Romana's Pilates and a certified instructor with the Pilates Studio™.  Both studios originated in New York, the home of Authentic Pilates, where the founder Joseph Pilates was based for the majority of his working life. Diana is grateful to have studied under Romana Krysanowska who is one of Joseph Pilates key students and was entrusted with the legacy of continuing his legacy in the purest form. This strong and definitive training background embedded a deep understanding of the necessity of a solid foundation within Diana. "If you have a strong integral understanding of the origin of something; the basics, you can handle any variation from that path that may come at you." Diana has consequently worked and studied with leading modern and traditional Pilates practitioners globally. Diana's classical training instilled in her the elements of flow and strength, whilst recovering from an injury fine-tuned her eye for understanding detail and application. This makes Diana a powerful and considered instructor.

After teaching Pilates for 11 years Diana began practicing yoga. The effect it had on her life was dramatic, instantaneous and very positive. It created a new pathway to feel happier in her body, clearer in her mind and more connected to her heart. Having spent many hours on her yoga mat, Diana has grown physically and spiritually stronger. Diana's continued desire to immerse in learning and travel took her to study with Baron Baptiste for both Level 1 and Level 2 Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Training. She has traveled the world learning about different cultures and sharing her teachings, including spending time in Nairobi, Kenya assisting a Baptiste Training to develop teachers for the Africa Yoga Project. 

Diana believes yoga is a universal language that opens doors and hearts, creating life-long connections through even the briefest of moments. Her understanding that yoga happens off the mat, in every moment of life and is an opportunity for daily evolution, provides an authentic base from which she teaches. Diana teaches from the heart...she also uses her hands utilising Thai Massage techniques wisely during her classes to assist students.

Regardless of your fitness level (from professional athlete to desk worker) or age, Diana knows that commitment to gain strength and flexibility will add positively to your life. She also knows that sometimes you just have to simply stop and take a breath.

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