Emily Hollosy

Emily elephant trunk 2.jpg

Emily's classes are infused with her grounded nature and offer an opportunity to explore mindfulness through movement.

Emily has been practicing yoga on and off for 10 years, and developed a more consistent practice when she moved to Canberra over three years ago. Emily loves the sense of community that comes from practicing regularly in a studio with other people. Yoga has given her strength and flexibility, and the opportunity to challenge herself. Yoga brings a greater awareness of physical and mental health, and the tools to bring focus and peace when things seem unbalanced. Emily loves the encouragement of self-inquiry and self-awareness that the practice also offers. Emily believes yoga can be many different things to many people, and finds it a privilege to guide other people’s experiences through teaching yoga. Her investment in her own yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices infuse her class with a grounded guidance and an invitation to start to scratch beneath the surface of self.