Hayley Arcidiacono

hayley visva.jpg

Hayley’s classes offer an opportunity to find inner stillness within intensity and experiment with your fullest expression of a posture.

From a dance background, Hayley has always found joy in movement and the self-expression that it brings. She attended Kim Harvey for many years and studied a variety of styles including ballet, tap and contemporary. Her love of dancing was also married with a love of music, which she found to go hand in hand when it came to expressing herself creatively.

During this time, Hayley discovered yoga through her mum who is an Iyengar teacher. This influenced not only her dance training and vision for correct alignment, but helped to become more attune with the subtleties of sensation within postures and movement.

Starting vinyasa yoga and maintaining a regular practice, she was instantly drawn to the flowing connective movement a likened to dancing but also the ability to study what goes on internally and the non-physical benefits yoga could bring to her life.

In 2017 she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at SOULution under the guidance of Bonnie Argo and Roz Penfold.

Hayley’s enthusiastic commitment and love of yoga drives her passion to continue seeking knowledge both of asana and inner discovery.