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Movement for Every Body.


Our mission is to provide a home where everyone is received as they are, with options available for all levels, ages and physical abilities. Our passion lies in providing movement for every body. SOULution believes in supporting community and inclusivity through practice.

We are proud to offer the highest number of classes and a great diversity of movement classes at two convenient locations in Canberra. We are excited for you to meet our amazing community of supportive practitioners and teachers alike. We all started somewhere with practice and we are ready to help you find the right classes to suit you. We believe that wherever you're starting, there is a class for you...and if you'd like a little guidance we are more than happy to chat and outline what you can expect within different genres of classes.

We are dedicated to providing many different styles of movement and to empowering a wide demographic of people. We honour all yoga traditions and are passionate about unity in diversity, and providing a warm atmosphere for personal growth and development. If you are looking to practice yoga, pilates or barre in Canberra we think you'll love what we do!

We have a crew of talented and SOULful teachers, offer inspirational workshops, local and global retreats, and both 200 hour and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. We also offer Pilates matwork and equipment classes, Barre classes, private yoga/barre/pilates instruction, and Physiotherapy (Braddon). We have a range of unique and high quality yoga lifestyle products from eco-friendly companies, available for purchase before and after all classes. We have showers available for you to rinse off if you'd like to post classes as well as towels you can rent.

Come on in today - we cant wait to meet you!


Braddon Studio:

First Floor, 30 Lonsdale Street, Braddon, ACT, 2612.


Lakeside Studio:

Ground Floor, 5 Soundy Close, Belconnen, ACT, 2617.


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Class spotlight


Like the name suggests, this class is designed to assist you in building the relevant strength as well as joint range of motion to keep your body in optimal condition and avoid injury.

You can expect to feel the burn in this one…we use equipment that you wont have found in our other classes, such as hand weights, swiss balls, sliders, trigger point balls and now TRX suspension systems!

Crafted by our in house Specialist Sports Physiotherapist (Roz) these classes are a great addition to your routine if you’re looking to round out your movement practices.