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Krishan Jogia


Krishan's classes are fuelled by a passion for movement, fitness, health and well being. He weaves in an understanding of sequencing skilfully to offer you access to your potential.

After years of training and competing in various forms of martial arts under the guidance of Olympic level coaches, Krishan was initially drawn to the physical aspects of yoga to explore how his strength and flexibility could translate to yoga asanas. This journey into yoga, combined with his upbringing with Indian and Vedic philosophy, lead him to discover a deep connection with the non-physical limbs of the yoga practice. Krishan's background in hip hop and break dancing, as well as his passion for functional fitness and strength training, allows him to bring a unique dynamic to teaching yoga that provides both a calm yet powerful experience. 

Krishan  completed his yoga teacher training with SOULution Yoga under the instruction of master yoga teacher, Bonnie Argo, and has spent a significant amount of time being mentored by both Bonnie and Roz Penfold. He is fully invested in continuing his understanding of the spectrum that exists within the yoga practice and he offers a gateway for all students to find their place on the mat.

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