Maribel Cabrera


maribel compass 2018.jpg

Combining an absolute balance of strength and sensitivity, Maribel will take you to your edge with powerful and positive encouragement. 

Maribel started practicing yoga over 10 years ago to physically vent the stress outwhile getting her University Degree in Engineering.  After a few sessions she discovered the power that yoga had not only on her body but on her mind, helping her find peace and calmness whenever she was feeling unbalanced with herself.

This yogi from Peru moved to Canberra following her heart and joined the community at SOULution Yoga early June 2016, where she felt at home even though on the other side of the world.  She has practiced in different countries and languages and loves the fact that yoga is one across the world, no matter your background or culture.

To complement her strong practice, she completed her Yoga Teacher Training with SOULution Yoga School being mentored by Bonnie Argo and Roz Penfold, where she learned and discovered all the effort, care and awareness that is put together to make a smart vinyasa sequence. 

Maribel enjoys learning and growing with every yoga practice; challenging herself by deepening postures or trying different kramas.  She looks forward to transmit her passion for yoga in her classes and hopes that every student will mindfully find their space to grow and challenge themselves with every journey.