Signature Class Styles designed with the Science of Movement in Mind

The SOUL Method


Innovative Practice for Sustainable Movement


SOULution Yoga was founded through the meeting of minds and collaboration between Bonnie Argo & Roz Penfold.

With different backgrounds yet similar passions for longevity and empowerment through movement, this vision is the foundation for the SOULution studios and education programs.

We believe our product is unique, merging ancient wisdom and tradition within a yoga practice with modern science providing safe combinations of movements and sequences.

Bonnie’s diverse training background in different genres of yoga and manual therapies combined with Roz’s 30+ years as a Physiotherapist have resulted in a constant (& ongoing) examination of western interpretations of yoga and how to refine these practices to keep you safe and cared for on the mat.

SOULution has a number of class genres that are unique to our studios. You will find similar postures and the linking of breath to movement globally - its how the ingredients of a practice are put together that we believe makes it special.

Grounded in the same ethos of intelligent sequencing, all of our Yoga, Pilates and Barre programs have essentially been safety checked to ensure that you can move in a way that can be liberating and sustainable.

All SOUL Teachers have studied with Bonnie & Roz in the SOULution Yoga Teacher Training program. We passionately mentor our teachers in all aspects of leading classes and we are more than a team - we are a family.

Our studio spaces have been meticulously planned to best support you in your practice. From the props and storage space for your belongings to the colours and artwork on the walls, and from the conscious products we sell to the scents diffusing as you walk in the door…we believe every aspect of the space in which we practice yoga is sacred and contributes to your experience.

We welcome you into the studio and hope you feel at home. We cherish questions and look forward to assisting you in finding the pathway of movement thats right for you.