Phil De Zylva


phil yogini new.jpg

Phil’s classes encourage you to find a place of self-compassion whilst maintaining accountability to help you deepen your practice and discover personal growth. 

Phil believes strongly in the power of community, which he incorporates into his approach to yoga, creating supportive environments for individuals to connect to themselves and each other.  Phil initially took up yoga to balance a busy work life and improve his physical and mental wellbeing. He enjoyed the challenge of new asanas and discovered the benefits of mindfulness.  He completed his 200 Hour Teacher Training under the guidance of his mentors Bonnie Argo and Roz Penfold at SOULution Yoga. Phil’s yoga journey has been one of physical and spiritual growth. It supports his wellbeing and gives him the fuel, patience and compassion to serve others. He offers meticulous instruction and a sense of clarity and precision that creates accessibility for all levels. His classes are a nurturing and supportive environment through which to explore the practice and to investigate your edge.