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SOULution Yoga Studio is located on the first floor of the "Ori Building" on Lonsdale Street in Braddon. Our studio is dedicated to providing many different styles of yoga for all types of people. We honor all yoga traditions and are dedicated to unity in diversity, and providing a warm atmosphere for personal growth and development.

We offer talented and SOULful teachers, inspirational workshops, local and global retreats, and both 200 hour and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. We also offer Pilates Mat classes, private instruction opportunities, bodywork and Physiotherapy.  We have a boutique featuring unique and high quality yoga lifestyle products from eco-friendly companies, open before and after all classes. We have showers available for use post classes

We are proud to offer the highest number of classes and the greatest diversity in one location in Canberra. We are blessed to hold space for our amazing community and are dedicated to providing yoga for everyone.  Find Us →


NeW to Yoga?

We have classes specifically designed to support you beginning your yoga practice, and amazing offers to help you try out different classes and build a habit of practice in an an affordable way. Our community of practitioners and teachers are ready to welcome you onto your mat!

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Become a Yoga Teacher

Ready to take the next step in your personal practice? Want to learn more about the alignment of postures? Interested in philosophy and the heritage of yoga? Yoga Teacher Training is an amazing investment in your personal growth, even if you dont want to teach.

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Class spotlight:
in Yoga
Tues, Thus & Sun

In Yin Yoga, poses are held for several minutes at a time in order to bring the stretch from the muscles to the connective tissue around the joints. Yin Yoga directly addresses the demands that sitting still in one position for a long time places on the body by focusing on stretching connective tissue instead of muscles. In Chinese philosophy, the yin yang symbolises the duality and interdependency of the natural world. Things that are yang are moving, changing and vigorous. In contrast, things that are yin are still, static, and calm. Because of this, yin formulates a practice that acts as a powerful restorative and rejuvenating experience.

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alignment spotlight:
CHaturanga Dandasana

  1. From Plank Pose, on an exhalation shift forward from your toes bringing your shoulders in front of the line of your wrists.
  2. Bend your elbows in close to your body, next to your side ribs until you reach a 90 degree angle, with the shoulders at the height of the elbows.
  3. Draw the heads of the shoulders and the tops of the thighs up and away from the floor, pull your lower body up and in, engaging your core.
  4. Engage the quadriceps to bring the lower body to life, and reach your sternum forward to create a straight, taut line of energy from the crown of your head to your feet.

Teacher Spotlight:
Myf Galloway
Align - Monday 12.15

Myffy discovered yoga as a tool to balance out the physical demands of competing as a professional cyclist. Since retiring from the sport, Myf invested in a deeper understanding of her personal practice and continued to practice yoga not purely for the physical benefits, but because of the way in which yoga had the innate ability to both strengthen and quiet her mind.

Myf has completed her training with Bonnie Argo within the SOUL Program, and combined with her experience as a trainer in the fitness industry, her classes are fuelled with precise cueing, and a powerful coaching energy to support you in becoming your best self on your mat.

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